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Innovation award for Paul Esombi Ekema

The first ever Open Source Wood Innovation Award has been presented to engineer and architect Paul Esombi Ekema for his achievements in advancing the idea of Open Source Wood. 

Paul Esombi Ekema, owner of Peekplan Architects located in Hamburg, Germany, first got in touch with Open Source Wood when it was launched in 2017 and has been an active member of the community ever since then. 

Visit Ekema's Open Source Wood profile.

MetsäWood Special Reward

Maskerade Building System

Circular by Design Building with Kerto LVL elements Introduction Flexible, sustainable and beautiful buildings besides revaluating the existing building stock. We should listen to the end-users for whom we build and offer flexibility for the wishes of the next generation. This means buildings should be built differently. Maskerade® offers a wooden frame from Kerto LVL beams and studs with a long-term vision on flexibility, where people can create their own environment. The Maskerade® building method The Maskerade® building method is industrially produced by assembling [large] prefabricated elements for floors, walls and facades. This results in a short building process and a highly-controlled quality. The frame supplies the aesthetic, constructive and technical base. The various finishing options (such as: arrangement, installations and finishing) makes the frame complete. The separation of frame and finishing increases a building’s viability and guarantees you a long term of exploitation [ >100 Years…...…...]. Architecture The exterior of a Maskerade building should always fit within its surroundings and should have a high feel-good content. Freedom of design and use are at the core of this method. The system gives architects and builders facilities by using the Maskerade® library of details in their own practice. Construction principle Maskerade is a modular system tuned on [standard] structural possibilities of KERTO LVL.The system is based on a vertical way of building and enables you to build up to 5 stories within a day….both wind and waterproof! A signature characteristic of the Maskerade building construction is that the floors are imposed in a slot in the wall and façade. In this way, the walls and facades can be stacked so the shrinking in the construction is avoided and the stability improved. *] The key element in the construction is the Flexvloer ®. This floor element has a standard span of 7,5m and a width of 2,5m. The controlled production allows a very rigid floor with excellent comfort for the user. The wall and façade elements have a standard height of 3,5 m. The floor, wall and façade elements are all prefabricated including insulation, glazed windows and installations. Maskerade is a modular system tuned on the [standard] constructive KERTO LVL offers. *] In case of earthquakes or a heavy storm, Maskerade cab guarantees the necessary strength by stabilizing the nodes and other connections. To guarantee a continuous quality, the system MASKERADE offers a library and 3D-BIM models. The developed design aspects and details have proved themselves in practise during the last decade and are now usable for all kinds of circular buildings. Healthy Comfort Maskerade is a vapour permeable and air-tight building system. To improve the comfort in winter and summer a cellulose isolation is injected in the walls, façade, roof and ground floor. Because of this, the building temperature and humidity is constant and gives a comfortable, healthy indoor environment. The glued insulation and acoustics are secured in the finish of the Flexvloer® and the slot in the walls and facades. September 2017

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